We appreciate those who were able to make it to our AMA! We went through quite a number of topics and had some excellent questions raised as part of our discussion.

Couldn’t be in attendance? Not a problem!

Let’s review some of the highlights and activities we covered during our AMA:

  • P2E Game Teasers – Discussions of the P2E game took place, noting that it will be a ‘Tower Defense’ style, with PVP (player-versus-player) aspects as well as tournaments! There are a few sneak peek pictures on Twitter… you’ll have to find those!
  • Contract Upgrades – Contract upgrades are on the horizon in order to have more efficiency and better functionality for our play-to-earn game.
  • DAO / Community Voting – We are implementing processes that will allow for community voting such as contract audits and other ideas that will have major impacts within RocketBUSD.
  • Las Vegas Networking Update – Cole’s recent flight to Las Vegas was a networking success! We were able to form better partnerships with Nobility as well as ASIC DeFi.
  • NFT Progression –  We have received back a few concept images for our NFT’s and are further developing them as we continue to move forward.
  • Exchange Updates – We want to make sure all of our upgrades are completed and more utilities are out there before any exchange listings.

Thank you for riding with us #RocketCrew! Stay tuned to our socials for more updates!

– The Rocket Genesis Crew