We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions from around the community. 

What is RocketBUSD's Use Case and Utility?

RocketBUSD is a utility based frictionless rewards token, poised to revolutionize and perpetuate the research and development of tomorrow’s tools, today.

We are actively developing tools to change the DeFi ecosystem. Please take a look at the roadmap to see some of the many goals we have on our way to becoming an enterprise corporation.

The roadmap will be updated frequently as we develop and generate new ideas from both our developers, as well as the community. This is only the beginning.

All businesses, tools and services created within the RocketBUSD ecosystem will be set up to benefit the token as well as it’s holders. We strive to make the DeFi space a better place.

Exciting things are to come!

The developers own 30% of the tokens in the top wallets. Why?
Here is a breakdown of the top wallets and their purpose:
  • 10% – Buy-Back Wallet
  • 5% – Founder Wallet (x2)
  • 2.5% – Marketing Wallet
  • 2.5% – Development Team Wallet
  • 1% – Auxiliary Wallet (x5)

These values were selected with long term health of the project in mind and to protect against an early whale being able to own too much of the supply with no benefit to the project long term. There is an option to lock the tokens in these wallets and or turn off reflections to the Marketing/Development/Auxiliary/Buyback Wallets.

The five auxiliary wallets that were initially sent 1% of the total supply from the deployer wallet to generate BUSD were eventually to be used in order to fund and acquire talent. Our initial approach was to give a wallet to marketing agencies, etc in return for services.

Due to the rapid adoption and love for the token, we are going to be able to do much more with these wallets than expected – we are still determining which direction we want to go with them for the longevity of the project and community.

There is a possibility of using a token locker, if the community wishes to do so at some point.

Another possibility is using the BUSD reflections generated by the wallets to add to the liquidity pool or buy-back wallet, with absolutely no need to sell any tokens. We may have community discussions on what would be the best course of action for these wallets to benefit our holders.

What are the developer wallet addresses?

Buy-Back Wallet Address – 0xfa18fe704a69a05c9bfdb20add468d452af19cdd (BSC Scan)
Development Wallet – 0x4879b597090f9fcb256977940799c9cf220e5a36 (BSC Scan)
Marketing Wallet – 0x8dfe0329a54027fad140e9d7f055151eefb34128 (BSC Scan)
Auxiliary Wallet – 0x3c2eb3e82443d943de1ae9ca1bff38565bd2e483 (BSC Scan)
Auxiliary Wallet – 0x3cbda95b4feecf9fa73f6298be927c05e3e48d28 (BSC Scan)
Auxiliary Wallet – 0xfca9be812b01f3c3261edf407571b470c96fd406 (BSC Scan)
Auxiliary Wallet – A wallet has been given in exchange for goods and/or services.
Auxiliary Wallet – A wallet has been given in exchange for goods and/or services.

Do you have plans for an audit?

If the community would like an audit, such as a Certik audit, we can request for that to happen.

Audits are expensive – our logic is perhaps a lot of that money could be better spent elsewhere such as marketing, developing more tools for DeFi, advertising etc.

Are there plans for any more manual burns?

There are always options available for manual burns to take place, such as for goal hitting incentives, etc.

When the buyback and burn function is executed, is it a manual or automatic process?

This is a manual process. We can efficiently take community feedback combined with industry knowledge to make the best decisions on when to execute for the long term health of the project.

What happened with the contract verification?

Initially, when we submitted the contract to be verified, a bug/error occurred with BSC Scan. We have opened up a support ticket with BSC Scan to address this issue.

In the meantime, if something were to happen where we are unable to verify, and perhaps need a portal to interact with the claim function for example – we can fast track the DAPP and make sure this isn’t a long term issue.

What is Space Camp?

Space Camp is one of the few charitable missions we aim to accomplish. We believe education and the betterment of the next generation are key to a better future. These are just one of the few ways our community can help.

We understand that charitable efforts are expensive, and the core company will remain a software business – poised to revolutionize the space; and charitable efforts are just one of our many goals we strive to achieve.

We are committed and fully focused on providing value to our holders, to ensure that when we get to the moon – we are able to share our success with the rest of the world!

How often do I receive reflections?

Reflections are automatically distributed based upon volume and depending on your current holdings in RocketBUSD. If you are not satisfied with how quickly you are receiving your BUSD rewards, please attempt a transaction with one RocketBUSD token. This will call the contract to distribute any rewards you may have pending.

When will the team dox themselves?

Founders, Austin and Cole, are undergoing a strategic doxxing plan. They are currently privately KYC’d and doxxed internally to private industry organizations. Individual team members will dox when necessary for project progress. This is simply for safety and/or privacy reasons.

Top wallets accrue large percentages of the rewards. Are there plans to address this?

A few wallets like the Marketing and Development wallets use the BUSD Reflections to help fund the project. Rocket Boost Reflection Events take place occasionally that will disable the reflections on some of the larger wallets.

Is there a math formula we can use to calculate our reflections? How does it correlate to volume and tokens held?

We now have a Reflections Tracker/Calculator directly on our website! You can use it here.

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