Learn About the Mission

The Official Docs

We are actively developing tools to change the DeFi ecosystem. Please take a look at the documentation to see comprehensive information regarding our protocol, tools and operations. These docs will be updated continuously as we grow.

The RoadMap

The roadmap will be updated frequently as we develop and generate new ideas from both our developers, as well as the community. This is only the beginning. Take a look at the roadmap to see our goals to grow into an enterprise corporation.

The Litepaper

RocketBUSD is a software services & blockchain technology company.

This litepaper will be updated with more details as the RocketBUSD team continues to add utilities & tools for the community.

The native token, RocketBUSD, functions as a utility token in tools, games, and community-based proposal voting. Additionally, token holders can unlock premium features & rewards within and beyond the RocketBUSD ecosystem. Holders are automatically rewarded with reflections in BUSD based on volume and holdings.

RocketBUSD Tokenomics Breakdown:

1,000,000,000,000 Total supply
600,000,000,000 Circulating supply
400,000,000,000 Burned
100+ Billion Excluded from Reflections

Buy & Sell Tax Breakdown:

• 4% BUSD
• 4% LP
• 4% Buy Back
• 2% Marketing
• 1% Development

RocketBUSD exists to develop and manage an ecosystem of innovative, intuitive solutions for an ever-growing DeFi community. RocketBUSD builds practical, well-designed tools and services to help radically simplify complexity, improve security, and accelerate performance through actionable, personalized insight. In addition, with the development of games and an NFT marketplace, RocketBUSD enters the steadily expanding creative landscape within DeFi.

The world of DeFi is rapidly growing in innovation, complexity, and population. At RocketBUSD, we envision and are committed to realizing a community-powered future in DeFi where challenges become opportunities and where trust becomes the default.