Please meet Apollo!

Hey everyone! Our beloved elephant mascot now has an official name. 

Apollo the RocketBUSD Mascot

What’s up RocketCrew, my name is Apollo.

I am pleased to represent our diverse, multi-disciplinary team as well as our awesome growing RocketBUSD community across the globe and beyond – better known as RocketCrew.

I am huge, just like our drive and ambition as RocketCrew. I am here to celebrate success with you, educate and keep us on track. Ask me anything.

Just like our RocketBUSD community, I am allergic to FUD and negativity so I will fight it with a passion to advance our DeFi market environment.

Btw. I love travelling. My favourite destination? The moon!
I am sure we will meet there or in the metaverse, perhaps? 👀

Virtual high-five and a big hug!


Origin Story

Apollo came to life during the early stages of our project’s development.

With the team teasing project ‘E’, the community had fun guessing what the ‘E’ might have stood for.

Needless to say, we stumbled upon the word “elephant” and ran with it.

Some even made videos of Cole riding an elephant into battle to defeat FUD! (Shoutout Clownstyle!)

Apollo the RocketBUSD Mascot

Fun Facts about Elephants

  • They have a great memory! (Similar to the immutability of the blockchain!)
  • An elephants heart weighs between 27 and 46 pounds. (That’s a lot of love!)
  • Elephants brains have more complex folds than other animals, which makes them one of the most intelligent animals on the planet. (More wrinkles!)
  • Elephants are considered the strongest mammal on the planet. (Like you, our community!)
  • Herds of elephants contain 100+ family members. (Always growing!)
  • When elephants swim, they use their trunk as a snorkel. (Adorable!)

Apollo has a special place in our hearts – he is our beloved mascot and is here to stay.