RocketBUSD PRoJects

“The seeds we are sowing every day since launch are still due to bloom – that means products, upgrades, and innovation. We are doing things the right way, it takes time. RocketBUSD is more than just a token, we all know this; we’re here to make a real change and a difference in DeFi. We have the opportunity to help lead the way to a more equitable future for humanity.” – Co1e, Founder


Tower Defense, PVP


Web, Mobile

Release Date

Q3 2022

Project: P2E

P2E Game development is underway as we continue to  hold meetings and furiously forge concepts and designs for our first P2E (Play to Earn) release. We absolutely LOVE the utility we are building! Get excited, because this game is going to be a huge catalyst, driving volume and providing a fun and engaging experience for the players and community!

RocketBUSD P2E Game Concept
RocketBUSD SaaS

Project: SaaS Platform

We have been making strides towards creating the official decentralized SAAS deployment framework. We can’t give too many details on this just yet, but we are finding ways to potentially integrate Rocket within the ecosystem, ideating on the many possible features and functionality. 

Project: D(e)FI

We exist to develop and manage an ecosystem of innovative, intuitive solutions for an ever-growing DeFi community.  Project E or “Project Decentralize” involves both our Rocket ecosystem and an innovative user experience focused platform. This will bring a new age of accessibility, security, and freedom to the space.

RocketBUSD Project E
RocketBUSD Education

Project: Edu

We have launched an educational series that we’d like to introduce as “Crypto Class”! We will be posting educational content on social media frequently to help expand the knowledge of the general public and welcome them to the world of DeFi! More in depth content will be available in other areas as the series evolves.