Hello RocketCrew! We have been hard at work creating content and building products for everyone in the community to enjoy! Take a look at our roadmap to see the goals ahead for RocketBUSD in 2022!

Let’s review some of the highlights and activities we’ve accomplished this past week:

  • Software as a Service Update – We have been making strides towards creating our first official software. We can’t give too many details on this just yet, but we are finding ways to potentially integrate RocketBUSD within the software, ideating on the many possible features and functionality.
  • Play to Earn Game Development – We’ve held many meetings and are furiously forging concepts & designs for our first P2E release. We absolutely LOVE the utility we are building! Get excited, because this game is going to be a huge catalyst, driving volume and providing a fun and engaging experience for the players and community!
  • Stocktwits and Lunar Crush Listing – We are now listed on both Stocktwits and Lunar Crush websites. Please reach out and let us know if you see any other websites we may not be on, to further increase our exposure and expand our community.
  • Discord Badges are Now Live – We now have badges for certain roles in the Discord! We are looking at adding more custom badges in the near future for events that take place within our RocketBUSD community.
  • Daily Tasks Channel – Initially, we created a command for daily tasks but found it to clutter the discord – so we’ve created a dedicated channel in Discord for daily tasks that our community members can engage with to help RocketBUSD gain more traction and visibility.
  • Discord Reorganization – You may notice some other changes around the Discord; New colors, roles, channels, etc. We are continuously working to improve experiences across all socials.
  • Crew Wanted – We are actively bringing the best and brightest minds aboard RocketBUSD, strengthening our internal operations to help bring excellence to everything we create. Be sure to check out the upcoming job board on the site for more information!

Thank you for riding with us #RocketCrew! Stay tuned to our socials for more updates!

– The Rocket Genesis Crew