We hope everyone has had a safe and productive week! Gears have been turning and we are making great progress towards the many developments at hand.

Let’s review some of the key highlights from this past week:

  • Branding Updates – We have held meetings regarding logo modifications, typography, color themes and many more in depth changes that are both artistic and meaningful.
  • NFT Updates – We have discussed traits, colors, backgrounds, rarity and how we want to implement whitelisting for our first NFT drop. We can’t wait to share some sneak peek progress photos with you!
  • Contract Updates – We have been carefully examining, reviewing and testing code to make sure integrations are working properly and ensuring the process will have a seamless and smooth transition.
  • Game Development – We recently held discussions regarding game development progress, from character creation to in-game mechanics. We are excited to see the developments currently taking place while further fine tuning our product!
  • Marketing Updates – Our marketing team has ramped up the efforts, focusing on better search engine optimization and creating quality content that the community will enjoy, generating more exposure for our community.
  • Community Events – We are looking at creating some community events and tournaments to hold in the near future for discord roles and other prizes (maybe whitelists will be in the mix for our NFT project!).

Thank you for riding with us #RocketCrew! Stay tuned to our socials for more updates!

– The Rocket Genesis Crew