Happy Friday! It has been a very productive week, and we are making great progress in all areas.

Let’s review some of the key highlights from this past week:

  • Twitter Action – We’re increasing our engagement on Twitter aside from scheduled posts – reacting and commenting more frequently. We hope this helps to educate individuals and also open up the floor for productive discussions around our project and related topics.
  • Contract Updates – Cole and Thomas are working diligently to get the new contract up and running. Friendly reminder, once the contract upgrade goes live you will only have to add the new contract address to your wallet. We will take care of the rest for a frictionless, simple and easy transition!
  • Website Upgrades – You may see some changes within our website’s structure in the next week or two as we continue the migration process over onto the new website. We hope you will enjoy the changes as we continue to improve the design and easability of finding information.
  • NFT Updates – We have some 3D model concepts that were provided by an artist and they look stellar! We are hoping to finalize a few things here soon and can’t wait to start sharing more information regarding the NFTs.
  • Community Events – We enjoyed everyone coming to participate in the Smash Karts tournament! We have a few things planned to gather more participants for the next event and look forward to today’s hangout in Discord. Be on the lookout for more whitelisting opportunities (and easter eggs on posts!)

Thank you for riding with us #RocketCrew! Stay tuned to our socials for more updates!

– The Rocket Genesis Crew