We are now one week into the new rebrand with many, many more exciting things in the works! Let’s discuss some of the updates below.

Let’s review some of the key highlights from this past week:

  • Application Development – We are defining the menu structure and utilities, touching up some of the details to ensure the user interface is on brand, adjusting a few button placements and tidying up the structure of the application.
  • Content Development – We are revamping our internal process of scheduling and posting of content, branching out onto our other socials such as instagram and reddit, and generating posts that will be both exciting and informative.
  • NFT Development – We are looking into 3D model concepts / structures that will be suitable for game integration, along with gathering elements for a custom designed site to be used as our NFT Landing Page.
  • Community Development – Be sure to keep your eyes posted in discord! We will be periodically handing out whitelist spots to a few lucky individuals for those paying attention to our announcements.

Thank you for riding with us #RocketCrew! Stay tuned to our socials for more updates!

– The Rocket Genesis Crew