We’ve got some exciting news Rocket Crew!

Our long-awaited initial merch offering has just released and is now live on the site!

Head on over to http://rocketbusd.app/shop to check out the items we currently have in store.

You are able to check out using BUSD stable coin with more payment options on the way!

Please feel free to share the link as well as any feedback you may have for any items you’d like to see on made available.

We cannot wait to see everyone posting up photos with their merch. Make sure you tag us and hashtag #RocketCrew and #RocketBUSD for a chance to be featured on our socials!

As with everything we do at RocketBUSD, we’ll continue to add more products over time.

Fun fact: A percentage of each item sold can be used towards the buyback and burn function!

Cheers to the New Year & a prosperous 2022!

Thank you for riding with us #RocketCrew! Stay tuned to our socials for more updates!

– The Rocket Genesis Crew