In its endeavors to build a solid team for the company’s journey ahead, RocketBUSD has just announced the official appointment of Thomas Smith (famously known as “Papa”) as the newest addition to its core team.

As the winner of 2021’s “Binance Global Influencer of the Year Award” and with unparalleled coding experience on hand, Thomas has been at the forefront of many well-known cryptocurrency projects seeking to provide solutions to real world problems, while utilizing the full potential of blockchain technologies.

“Throughout the years, Thomas has proven himself to be a loving friend, leader, innovator, and community member”, stated RocketBUSD CEO Cole. “His hard work and dedication to prior projects, positive outlook, and willingness to share knowledge and advice make him an extremely valuable addition to any team. We are beyond excited to have him on board”, Cole continued.

Bringing with him the technical understanding and knowledge to turn concepts into reality, Thomas aims to innovate new and improved tools that revolutionize the way we look at blockchain and crypto as a whole – all while bringing people together during the process. Thomas is cherished and respected by many and his love for the community is stronger than ever, while he remains to form a piece of the puzzle needed to move forward with technological advances.

Welcome Thomas “Papa” Smith – to the #RocketCrew!